Posted 1st September, 2010

INDUK Taekwondo conducted its first Board Breaking seminar on August 28th, 2010. There was an encouraging turnout of close to 30 students who attended and all of them had a smashing good time. The session included basic board breaking techniques as well as other fun exercises and drills.

It was the first time for many and they enjoyed themselves tremendously. The seminar introduced more than just board breaking techniques to the children, it was also a session that encouraged self belief and confidence. The parents were also happy to see the awe and delight on their children’s faces when the board breaks upon their strikes.

Master Lim was accompanied by Rui Jie, Singapore’s National Poomsae representative at the World Poomsae competition at Uzbekistan. Demonstrating first a “yellow belt” pattern followed by a “black belt” pattern, Rui Jie showed what looked like a perfect execution and then repeated step by step in slow motion allowing Master Lim to give an explanation on the steps. Students of all belts were then instructed to execute the steps with Master Lim and Rui Jie offering advice.

The seminar ended with students wanting more. Master Lim commended INDUK Taekwondo’s Principal Instructor, Lee Seung Man, stating that INDUK has one of the best instructors and was in good hands under Principal Lee's guidance. Principal Instructor Lee he said, was open to new ideas and improvement and ready to evolve with Taekwondo as the premier martial art form of the world.

For pictures of the event, visit INDUK Taekwondo's Facebook platform here.