Posted 22nd December, 2012

On day one of the camp, campers left the comforts of home for an exploratory journey - back to nature, back to basics where they tilled the land by hand, collected water and harvested the fruits of their labour...It was fun-filled journey of discovery, community and self...

The following day, twenty INDUK students accompanied by our instructors and Sister Linda Sim from Team Gold, visited Kheng Chiu Loke Tin Kee Home, as part of its first community outreach effort. Students participated in the preparation before the visit - they baked cookies, made personalized greeting cards, sorted and packed the goodie bags to be distributed to all residents, as well as rehearsed on the entertainment performances.

During the visit, the elderly residents were enthusiastic as they keenly followed as best as they could with the stretching exercises, kicks and punches. This was followed with entertainment, where the students and Sister Linda gave taekwondo performances. The morning activities ended with a round of games played with much gusto and glee by the residents and students. However, the visit was not just fun and games - the team stayed on to help with chores like furniture cleaning and service during lunch at the home.

For Day ONE's event, click nature. Click outreach for Day TWO's program.