Posted on December, 2016

After months of planning, we embarked on our first training trip in Seoul. The trip took students and their families to ‘Taekwondowon’ in Muju, the newly established ‘mecca’ of Taekwondo where students had a session of demonstration training; followed by 2 days of training at Namchang Dojang in Suwon. Under the guidance of Grandmaster KANG SHIN-CHUL, and his team of coaches, our students were put though the basics as well as challenged to attempt more technical kicking techniques. The training was intense, but an insightful experience for our students to train in a different environment. In addition, to add variety to their training, a session was arranged for our students at renown Korean National Sports University (KNSU), where Korean Olympians are nurtured and trained. INDUK students had the opportunity to train and kept pace with the local undergraduates from the Taekwondo Department under the watch of a senior coach, Mr. KIM.

It was not all work and no play. The group spent the last 2 days in Seoul, where the students enjoyed an afternoon at LOTTE World, and also had a fun time at Namsam Hill where they all donned traditional Korean outfits and took on the Mannequin Challenge. The trip help fostered stronger friendship amongst the students as well as parents.