Posted on November, 2017

It was a sleepover camp, and for some of our young campers, the first time they were staying away from home for the night.

The campers aged from 7 to 13 years, had 2 days of fun-filled activities. They were put into groups, where they worked as teams during the camp. Over the course of the day, they learned first aid skills, and also the dynamics of team work, as they had to design a contraption that best protect an egg from breaking at a height, and also to build the tallest tower with just tape, chopsticks and newspaper. The end results was lots of collaboration, cheering and laughter. The day ended with a movie and supper.

After a night’s rest, the troop embarked on their trek to the ‘TreeTop Walk’ at MacRitchie Reservoir. They were challenged by the heat but all of them persevered and completed a 7KM hike, that introduced them to one of the oldest natural park in Singapore, and also encounters with some of its curious inhabitants.