Belt Promotion Grading

Learning is only objective and fun with attainable goals - at INDUK Taekwondo, students are encouraged to learn and train at a steady pace under the guidance of a team of experienced and nurturing coaches.

In Singapore, INDUK students will have the opportunities to register for the Belt Promotion Grading every quarter of the year; where they will be graded according to the Singapore Taekwondo Federation's guidelines and to work towards attaining their Black Belt. The grading serves as good ‘check points’ for students, kids and adults alike, where they are able to set goals in their learning journey for the sport, and eventual achievement in attaining their Black Belt. “Black Belt is not a destination, but a journey”.

These grading sessions, presided by Singapore Taekwondo Federation appointed examiners, are conducted within the school premises.

We follow the same grading schedule in both INDUK Cambodia and INDUK Thailand, whereby students will be assessed every quarter of the year, according to the local governing taekwondo federation’s guidelines and standards. These sessions, also conducted in the schools’ premises, provide the platform for students to attain targets in their taekwondo training.