In 2010, INDUK Singapore was established to provide quality taekwondo instructions in a conducive and positive environment. With its success, the school now has over 600 students in 3 geographical areas. INDUK Cambodia in Phnom Penh was set up in 2014, followed by INDUK Thailand located in Bangkok in 2015. Adopting a universal teaching philosophy in all 3 locations, the schools continue to inspire students to be active Taekwondo practitioners to reap the benefits this Korean martial art and sport offers – focus, strength, agility, flexibility, stamina as well as developing a positive mental attitude and character-building.

The Team

Our team of coaches are full-time professional taekwondo practitioners. They are highly qualified and have built an illustrious list of credentials – in our mix, we have ex-National coaches and competitors in international competitions. The varied backgrounds of our coaches gives the school a diverse culture. However, they all share a common goal and passion – to impart the skill of taekwondo, so that students enjoy and reap the benefit from the sport.

The key to sustaining the interest and love for the sport, regardless of age or gender, is the ability to engage and motivate the students, yet keeping training fun. Our team of passionate instructors, with their diverse teaching styles and influences, have the proven formula that makes INDUK Taekwondo’s training intense yet engaging. Regardless of skill level and learning ability, our instructors would calibrate their teaching methods to cater to students so as to allow individuals to keep up and learn in a comfortable pace.

Induk Training Program

Taekwondo is a discipline that teaches ways of enhancing our spirits and lives through the training of our body and mind. The sport distinguishes itself from other martial art form with its emphasis on kicking techniques and is popular with people of both genders and of any age group. It is a fun exercise program for everyone. The sport also helps to physically develop students’ strength, speed, agility, flexibility and stamina.

A typical training program will include the coaching of basic hand movements & kicking techniques, various Taekwondo set patterns (Taeguek ) according to belt levels, sparring (Kyorugi ) as well as self-defense. At INDUK, programs are thoughtfully crafted to cater to students of varying age groups and skill levels. For the younger ones, a mix of fun is important to sustain their interest while basics taekwondo skill are taught with subtle discipline instilled. The coaches would stepped up the pace and intensity during classes for the juniors and adults, maintaining a high level of adrenaline, precision in techniques as well as injecting the element of fun in training.

Our classes are usually conducted with low instructor to student ratio, which is our primary criteria, ensuring students are given the attention and a closer supervision watch from the coaches.


INDUK class schedules are carefully designed to best provide convenient times for students. The coaches and management monitor attendance patterns to plan a schedule that works and encourage participation. Check out our lesson times and find a slot that best suits you.

News & Events

Whether they are updates from competitions or events happening in or outside our schools, Team INDUK has you covered here.